Class 101

These first generation BR diesel units displaced the North Eastern Railway B16s from the York to Scarborough line, which passed a short walking distance from home and safe enough for an eight-year old to walk there. A group of us kids used to spend hours there, hoping for the odd 4-4-0 which occasional found its way onto the line. Once the hated dmus appeared we stopped going, but the passage of 40 years lent them a certain charm and with their capacious storage area they were good news for the cyclist - provided the journey wasn't too long!

Regional Railways liveried 101 681 heads east from Llanfair P.G. on Saturday 22nd May 1999 with the 12:28 Holyhead to Llandudno Junction

The Network SouthEast example waits at Crewe in March 1999 with a Bangor service, far too long a trip for this type of unit.

The "green machine" at Bangor. This unit is nicer to look at than to travel in, even though it could do with a repaint.

Here's 101 677 approaching Britannia Bridge with a Holyhead to Llandudno local on 16th October 1999. The Marquis of Anglesey's Column is sprouting from the unit.

101 679 is about to leave Bangor on a local to Holyhead on 28th December 1999

These units were withdrawn from the national network at the end of December 2003

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