Only four of the 842 Stanier Black Fives were named, 45157 The Glasgow Highlander being one of them. Appearances can be deceptive, and none of the four survived - this is 45407 in disguise for the Crewe to Holyhead section of The Ynys Mon Express charter from Finsbury Park. The well patronised nine coach train stopped at Bangor on schedule at 13:20 on Wednesday 16th August 2000, which was very handy for lunch break photography.

There was just time to sprint over the footbridge for a shot from the other side before it departed.

Just for the record, the four named Black 5 engines were

45154 Lanarkshire Yeomanry
45156 Ayrshire Yeomanry
45157 The Glasgow Highlander
45158 Glasgow Yeomanry

These spent most of their lives based in Glasgow but by 1965 the two survivors, 45154 and 45156 were shedded in the Liverpool area, the former at Speke Junction and the other at Edge Hill. 45154 was the only one I managed to see in action.

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