Class 47

The 16:10 Holyhead  to Euston service on waits at Bangor on Sunday 23rd May 1999 behind 47 818, a regular on this turn. At Crewe the 47 will be taken off and a Class 86 or 87 electric locomotive attached to the rear will propel the train to London with the Driving Van Trailer leading.

Early in 1999 the HST refurbishment programme resulted in RES Class 47 traction on the 08:40 Euston to Holyhead service. Here are some examples.

47 742 The Enterprising Scot at Bangor at Bangor on Monday March 1st 1999

47 792 Saint Cuthbert at Bangor on Monday March 8th 1999

47  776 Respected throws out the clag as it leaves Bangor with the 09:19 Holyhead to Euston on 16th August 1999