Britannia Bridge

The Britannia Bridge, which takes the line from the mainland over the Menai Straits to Anglesey, is the major structure on the line. This must once have been a peaceful spot, but in 1980 a dual carriageway was built over the rail bridge, and together with the electricity pylons has transformed it for the worse.

The magnificent stone lions which once guarded the portals are hidden from view unless you take one of the little-used public footpaths which lead down to either side of the bridge. Taken from the western end, 47 634 Holbeck crosses with the 08:40 Euston to Holyhead on 12 March 1999. Until 1970 this was double-track, but following a disastrous fire which destroyed the original tubes, it was relaid as single-track with a service area alongside.


The engineers who remodelled the bridge mounted a section of the original tube on a plinth alongside the bridge.

This is the view from the other side on a foggy winter morning. The aspect isn't as open as it appears, I poked my lens through the chain-link fencing!

This is the view of the upper deck, taken from the footpath.

37 415 is about to leave the single-track section, having crossed the bridge onto Anglesey.

The corresponding view on the mainland side sees 37 402 Bont y Bermo back on double track for the approach to Bangor

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