The End

30th December 2000

It was never going to be an enjoyable ride - the sadness of the occasion and the severe overcrowding saw to that. Nevertheless I was glad we rode on the last scheduled class 37 hauled train to Holyhead to pay our respects and to be able to say we were there.

Our companions on platform 2 at Bangor included two Irish enthusiasts who sailed over for the occasion, a cameraman from S4C news and, to bring us back down to earth, a lady waiting to meet her daughter who'd had to stand all the way from Crewe.

We were tightly wedged in for the run across Anglesey to the terminus where the throng of railfans competed for photographs.

Despite the heavy load of passengers, a brisk run-round enabled us to leave on time. This time we'd secured a seat in a first class compartment with congenial company.

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