Freight on the coast

RTZ (Anglesey Aluminium)

37 503 passes through Bangor at 14:50 on Sunday 16th January 2000 with the Holyhead to Humber coke empties.

56094 Eggborough Power Station runs through Bangor at 12:50 on Sunday 2nd April 2000 to collect the coke empties from Holyhead.

This flow now goes by sea

Five years on, the petroleum coke hoppers are rusting in the siding at Holyhead, but 60 071 Ribblehead Viaduct hurried through Bangor on 13th October 2005 to collect a trainload of aluminium ingots for a short contract.

Nearly seven years after my blurred shot of 37 503 in the dim January afternoon light, I had another opportunity to photograph a 37 on RTZ duties. The large EWS class 37 fleet of 2000 had been reduced to just four, so it was quite an event when 37 406 was in charge of the aluminium train on Saturday 19th November 2006. Here it's seen at the works. The petroleum coke was still being supplied by sea, but finished products were leaving by rail - normally hauled by a class 60, 66 or 67.

37 406 The Saltire Society rushed its seven Cargowagons through Bangor at 15:15, catching the last of the afternoon sunshine.

37 401 had also performed on this service during the summer but a failed class 57 working for Arriva had failed and caused such disruption that the westbound train was three hours late. We'd waited for two hours at Bangor then had to leave.