Meetings in Bangor

The morning pair at Bangor on 2nd June 2000...

... and on 12th July 2000 the same pairing of 37 429 and 37 412 is reversed

New loco meets new unit on 4th September 2000. 66 084 is about to return east with the Pride of the Nation set while a shiny new class 175 unit breezes into platform 2.

The morning duo again on 22nd September. This time 37 412 is paired with 37 413.

37 421 brings the late running 05:25 Birmingham to Holyhead into Bangor, joined a minute later by 37 401 Mary Queen of Scots which is in charge of the 07:48 Holyhead to Crewe on a damp 13th November 2000.

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