Rugby Specials

March 2005

This is how we reacted when we read that Saturday's rugby specials for the critical Wales v Ireland decider were to be class 67 hauled.

We felt better after the news that Friday afternoon would see a Holyhead to Cardiff additional service topped and tailed by 47s and that it would return on Sunday and then run non-stop to Chester and then to Crewe. We bought 3 in 7 day North and Mid Wales Rover tickets and took a late morning service train as far as Shrewsbury, which gave us time for a quick look round the town. This scary creature is one of many interesting sights.

First we have the scene at midday Friday 18th March as 47 847 bursts out of Bangor tunnel and along the down fast on its way to Holyhead with the empty stock.

47 815 at the rear is a stranger to this line, unlike 847