The Royal Scotsman

Tuesday 6th June 2000

I made a detour on my cycle commute to the office to photograph the two locomotive hauled morning trains at the request stop of Llanfair PG. After recording 37 420 on its eastward journey I crossed the bridge where a solitary figure awaited the Holyhead train. To my amazement, a darker shade of maroon entered the viewfinder - Royal Scotsman liveried 37 428 had made a surprise appearance on the 07:06 Chester to Holyhead service.

The driver takes great care to halt his train at the right place, the platform being rather short!

Away we go

The visitor returns with the 12:19 Crewe - Holyhead, arriving ten minutes late at Bangor

Rowan had glimpsed 428 from the bus in the morning but wanted a better look and the opportunity of a photograph, so we headed off to Penmaenmawr in the car, hoping in vain to see a ballast train there. 37 428 is again ten minutes late with the 17:19 Crewe - Holyhead.

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