The Bangor Shunt

Despite the recent reductions in the number of locomotive-hauled trains, Saturday mornings at Bangor are very entertaining with trains from England terminating here at 09:55, 10:51 and 11:52 to form return services at 10:22, 11:16 and 12:22.
Here we take a look at the last of these, which on 19th June 1999 produced a Mainline-liveried freight engine.

Anxious bashers prepare to race to the front as 37 379 pulls into platform 2. There must have been at least 60 of them on this train and normal passengers watched in amazement at the photographic frenzy.

379 comes to a halt, time to take a closer look at the nameplate - not the most romantic but better than no name at all!


379 prepares to draw forward with its train into Belmont tunnel.

379 passes Bangor signalbox and heads into the tunnel

379 now pushes its stock into platform 1 and is uncoupled.

It now heads back towards the tunnel to reverse onto the up centre track

37 379 is now running round its train on the up centre track.

And finally it's reunited with its train and pointing in the right direction to form the 12:22 to Crewe. On the left: how do you fancy 3 hours on a 150 from Stockport to Holyhead?

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