Into the Valley

Tuesday 25th July 2000

After ten days of almost unbroken sunshine, the weather forecast was for more of the same after the early mist had burnt off. With the reduction of class 37 diagrams in sight, I decided on a day off to catch them while I still can. The lad and I cycled to Bangor station for our 08:23 departure to Anglesey to be greeted by 20 304 and 20 312 waiting in the middle road with the nuclear flask train. This was good news as our plan was to alight at Valley and photograph their arrival. Sometimes they run early or not at all.

Hey, what's this? The 08:25 departure for Crewe enters the scene and it's a split headcode job!

We race to the far end and take turns to record the presence of 37 109, a rare beast. Then we scamper back to retrieve our bikes and board our train, which is bearing down on us behind our old friend 37 426

There's no sign of the mist lifting and by Bodorgan it's raining - we brought sunglasses and suntan lotion but no waterproofs! Bikes off at the wayside halt of Valley and 426 continues.

The flasks arrive